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MBBS 2 WEEK 2 TIMETABLE: 08.02 - 12.02.2020

MBBS 2 WEEK 2 TIMETABLE: 08.02 - 12.02.2020

by Dr Margaret Khonga -
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Welcome to Week 2 of ERT.

As you have been able to appreciate from last week - not all the lecturers are uploading their materials according to the timetable that I am sharing with you. I am doing my best to remind the lecturers of their obligations to you and some are responding quicker than others. So please bear with us and make use of the materials that are available to you.

This week you are continuing with Gastrointestinal system as you learn more about the various viscera within the abdomen.

If you can, start by reviewing the anatomy of the organ, followed by the physiology and biochemistry before reading about the pathology (histopath and micro) of the organ and pharmacology. Clinical correlations will then help put all this topics in perspective. Know the normal before you know the abnormal.

All the best!