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MBBS 2 WEEK 1 TIMETABLE_1.02. - 7.02.2021

MBBS 2 WEEK 1 TIMETABLE_1.02. - 7.02.2021

by Dr Margaret Khonga -
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Welcome MBBS 2 Students to the first week [01/02 - 07/02/2021] of Emergency Remote Teaching.

I am Dr Margaret Khonga, your MBBS 2 coordinator. I will use this platform to post your weekly timetable, so please make sure you check in every week.
In this first half of the semester, we are going to be covering the Gastrointestinal and Endocrine systems and the Genitourinary system will be covered in the second half of the semester. Please go on the CMS website to read through the learning outcomes for these two systems.

YOU'RE EXPECTED TO BE AN ADULT LEARNER and possess the following attributes:
  • Be Self-directed
  • Be Problem-centered
  • Be Reflective
  • ┬áBe Self-motivated
  • Be Experienced
  • Self-assessed
Take the opportunity to use all the resources at your disposal! Please go through this week's timetable for the lectures scheduled for this week. You shall have to go into the different course sections to be able to access the lecture topics and participate in all the activities that have been set up for you. These materials will remain available to you to for the remainder of the semester and please remember the ERT is compulsory to all students.

May I ask that you choose among yourselves two class presidents who will be your liaison between you and me. Could I have those names by the end of the week.

I can be reached by email: or WhatsApp: 0991533879 between 7:30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Good Luck